If you want to generate electricity from light using solar technology

Solar panels explained

The term ‘solar panel’ is often used interchangeably to describe the panels that generate electricity and those that generate hot water.

This page focuses on those technologies that generate electricity from light.

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Solar electricity technologies

There are two broad groups of technologies which generate electricity from light. Of these, solar PV technologies are best suited for use in Ireland.

Solar photovoltaics (solar PV)

These are the most common solar technologies worldwide. They are also the fastest growing in terms of installed capacity.

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Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

These technologies produce electricity by focussing sunlight to produce heat and drive an engine connected to an electrical generator. They are currently found in countries with year round sunshine.

How Solar PV works

Certain semiconductor materials generate electricity when exposed to visible light. These are called Photovoltaic (PV) materials.

Solar PV technologies use a wide variety of semiconductor materials. The most common to date are those using silicon as the photovoltaic material. However, technologies based on other semiconductor materials are growing their market share.

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Solar PV products

Solar PV products exist for a range of different applications. These include:

  • Solar panels or modules. These are the best known solar PV products. Now a familiar site on rooftops and in ‘solar farms’ they have been mass manufactured for over 25 years.
  • Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV). These are building material products such as roof tiles, glass or cladding with solar PV materials embedded within them.
  • Consumer electronics. Some consumer products have been developed with solar PV materials integrated into them so that they can produce their own power.

A big share of your annual electricity needs

Conventional solar PV panels will help meet some of the electricity demands of a building.

  • 1 sq. m of silicon solar panels will generate ~150W of power on a clear sunny day. That’s enough to power a laptop computer.
  • A home solar PV system sized at 20 sq. m (~3kW) and well located would generate around 2,600kWh of electricity a year. That is over 40% of the average annual electricity demand of an Irish home.
  • Solar PV systems will still function on overcast days in Ireland although not at their maximum rated capacity.

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Factors that affect electricity production

The amount of electricity a solar panel will generate depends on a range of factors. These include:

  • The hardware chosen
  • The size of the system
  • The geographical location
  • The direction in which the panels are installed

Invest in a Solar PV System

There are some important things to consider before investing in a solar PV system for your community, home, or business.

Find the right installer

Finding a competent installer is important. There are currently no formal qualifications that installers must have. However do note the following:

  • Connection of the solar system must be carried out by a Registered Electrical Contractor.
  • The Renewable Installers Register identifies installers who have received accredited training.

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Our advice would be to get a range of quotes from installers, including contractors listed on the Renewable Installers Register.

Choose the right equipment

Speak to your installer about the products they offer. Solar PV systems will usually include:

  • Solar modules
  • An inverter, which converts electricity from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC)
  • A mounting system for the roof or ground
  • Some installers also offer battery systems or ‘diverter switches’ for storing excess energy

Check the Triple E Register for solar PV products that meet a minimum performance criteria, including energy efficiency.

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Check planning permission

Solar PV systems installed in a domestic setting that are under 12 sq. m (and represent less than 50% of the total roof area) are exempt from planning. The same exemption applies to solar PV systems in a business or industrial setting that are under 50 sq. m.

Larger solar PV systems in homes and businesses will typically require planning permission. We recommend you speak with your local planning authority to understand the requirements.


Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Buying Solar Panels

Solar panels can make up approximately 30% of your sun machine’s fee. As a vast part of your solar investment, it’s important to recall your alternatives and make a well-informed selection.

Whilst it could be tempting to go along with the least costly option out there, this could come back to haunt you.

Sun is an extended-term investment, one that can remaining 25 or 30 years – even more. However, it’s additionally front-weighted, way to incentives like the sun investment Tax credit and improved depreciation for commercial initiatives.

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But because solar is a 30-12 months funding, you need to purchase gadget with the intention to stand the check of time. In the end, the longer your sun panels perform, the greater loose power they’ll generate, and the much less electricity you’ll must buy from the application company.

There are a variety of alternatives to pick from in relation to sun panel manufacturers and fashions. To make this process a touch simpler, we need to tip you off on three mistakes we’ve seen sun proprietors falling into whilst deciding on their solar panels.

1. Choosing Your Solar Panels Based on Price, Not Value

A solar system is a massive-ticket item. It’s absolutely understandable that you’d want to preserve prices as low as possible. One seemingly easy manner to do that is to go together with the most inexpensive sun panels.

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While a lower-price panel will prevent money in advance, maximum value less for a cause. Be it lower performance, less durability, or a terrible assurance, you can no longer be making an investment your cash inside the options that will have the maximum value in the end.

Westlake Dental friends solar power System First off, let’s talk approximately efficiency. Efficiency is a measure of how much electricity the solar panels can produce with the available sunlight. Most panels fall within the range of 14% to 20%. Awesome panels, like LG solar, can reach up to 22% efficiency.

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So while the panel that’s 14% green may cost less than the panel this is 22% green, you may grow to be spending extra. The 14% green panel will produce 50% much less electricity than the 22% green panel.

This will imply you’re sacrificing a good deal of loose power, which may also add as much as thousands of bucks over the route of your sun gadget’s lifetime. Or it is able to suggest you’re shopping for greater panels that you want to.

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A small gadget with excessive-efficiency panels may produce simply as a good deal strength as a larger, low-performance gadget for less cash. While it comes right down to it, you need to evaluate the long-time period cost of your sun additives to look which makes the maximum economic feel.

Similarly to efficiency, budget panels may be missing in durability, as evidenced by bad producer warranties. This may cause complications down the road.

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Perhaps your budget panels paintings incredible for the primary few years, however then quick degrade, which means they produce less and less energy with the same amount of daylight.

With a trusted, properly-vetted producer, you could relaxation assured that your panels may be synthetic with first-class and durability in thoughts, capable of resist the factors and time. And if some thing is going wrong with them, you’ll be able to fall lower back on a stable warranty.

2. Undervaluing the Panel Manufacturer’s Warranty

Just like every other household appliance or device, solar panels certainly won’t last for all time. But first-class panels honestly do ultimate for decades. Manufacturers are so certain of the durability in their panels that many include 25 or maybe 30-12 months warranties on their device.

A complete guarantee should be a primary factor whilst thinking about which type of solar panel to buy. It will defend your investment from manufacturing mistakes that can intrude with how plenty energy your panels produce.

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If you’re at the hook for faulty panels that have fallen out of assurance, you’ll both ought to pay to update them or suffer from the lost strength. Both way, it negatively impacts your sun investment.

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Triple-Ten-Guarantee_Paradise-Energy_pngOn the alternative hand, the producer will update the panel free of charge beneath the assurance have to whatever manifest. You’ll only be at the hook for the exertions it takes to update the faulty panel (this is, except you cross solar with Paradise power’s Triple Ten guarantee, which includes complimentary labor for manufacturer’s replacements). also used in like:

While it’s critical to don’t forget the sturdiness of the solar panel assurance, you have to also take a look at the dependability and health of the producer ensuring the device. If the corporation isn’t strong financially, they may no longer be round in 20 or 25 years to honor that guarantee.

3. Selecting Panels That Don’t Integrate with the Rest of Your System’s Equipment

Solar panels are simply one part of your solar machine. There’s additionally the combiner box, the DC and AC disconnects, the inverter, distribution panel and other device this is used to mount the panels and wiring that connects the machine.

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If you purchase miscellaneous system as you find exact offers, you may emerge as growing an inefficient, and even risky, solar system. No longer all sun components will join nicely to each other. An inverter ought to be properly sized to support the output of your sun panels (that allows you to range based at the climate and different factors).

Another issue to remember is a few panel manufacturers produce panels in sizes that aren’t wellknown across the board. If you make a decision to go with the sort of panels,

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you may run into limitations down the street if the panels want to be replaced. Deciding on a brand that makes use of popular panel sizes will can help you interchange panel brands in most cases. This may prevent a few headaches and cash down the street.

Designing a solar device is an vital step in going solar. It need to contain an experienced professional who is aware of the fine details of the system. A full-provider sun installer can design your system, and it have to also guide you thru the device selection process.

They’ve possibly vetted many solar panel manufacturers and can help find the components that meet your quick-term and long-time period desires in your sun machine.

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Deciding on the exceptional sun Panels
With all the one-of-a-kind producers and fashions, choosing the right solar panel can be overwhelming. In situations like that, it’s clean to fall back on deciding on the one this is the least steeply-priced. But, doing so can negatively impact your go back on investment.

You also need to take into account performance, durability, warranty, and the opposite device you’re installing to make a stable choice.

At Paradise power, we’ve guided well over 1,three hundred human beings through the technique of going sun. At some stage in that system, we’ve settled on a variety of solar panel producers

we experience provide the maximum price to our clients. Combining price, efficiency, sturdiness, and sturdiness, the brands we offer are sponsored by massive ensures and years of top notch performance.